The World is a Campfire

This is where you can rant and rave about anything you’re struggling with or have struggled with.


“My parents claim to be Christians [which means they are supposed to be “Christ-like”] but they kicked me out of their house when I was 18 because they found beer in my drawer. I had beer in my drawer because the night before, my parents had been out of town and my older brother was left in charge, so he said it was cool if I had some friends over and drank some beer. Afterwards, I stashed the left-over beer in my drawer so my brother and I would not get into trouble. At work the next day, my parents went through my things and found the beer. My mother called me while I was at work saying, “Your things are packed, come pick them up after work. You cannot live with us anymore.” I had just met people outside of the “church realm”, which is how I discovered alcohol, so I was naive to most things secular.

My parents kicked me out at 18, knowing I had no where to go. I had a shitty job at 7-11, a shitty car, and all of my friends still lived with their parents because they were my age. The only way I could get my own place was by selling my post prized possession: my Taylor814ce. I saved most of my paychecks for two years to buy that guitar, but I had to get a roof over my head, so I had to sell it.

I understand my parent’s disappointment, but it was just beer. What did they expect me to discover when I was out of their house and on my own? What kind of people did they expect me to meet and become friends with when I am thrown out at 18, naive to the “outside world?” I hadn’t seen any hard drugs while living at my parents. I had never met an addict of any kind. But after leaving my parents house, I met a lot of them, and I became one.

I have heard my dad question his parenting, “What did we do wrong? Where did I go wrong?” Well dad, you kicked me out of your house, which was a place you and I both knew I would be safe. What did you expect to happen when I had so little knowledge about the “secular” world. What kind of people did you expect me to meet? He should have known the types of situations I would encounter, and that I was too naive to recognize which situations to stay away from, or which people to stay away from. Dad, you did not teach me about anything other than Christianity, then you kicked me out of the house. You could have kept me safe, or at least explained the types of things I would encounter before kicking me out. That is where you went wrong.

After my parents kicked me out, I soon got into drugs. I was addicted to cocaine, heroin, and meth at various points in my life. I have been clean for years now, no thanks to my family. I was in abusive relationships. I asked my family for help and they told me to go to a homeless shelter. I got myself out of that situation, no thanks to my family.

Blood is not always thicker than water. “


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